Straight out of Los Angeles, California, Marcus Mackey stands as an emerging singer-songwriter ready to make his mark on the music world. Born alongside his twin brother Anthony Mackey, Marcus and his brother shared an innate passion for music from the earliest moments of their lives. They would captivate audiences at family and friend gatherings with their harmonies and infectious energy. Their creativity even led them to record tracks at the tender age of 7. As Marcus entered high school, his drive led him on a journey into the world of All Star cheerleading with a world-ranking team. Through rigorous training and overcoming the complexities of teenage life, Marcus continued his dream and signed up to be a part of the school’s musical theatre and performance group. It was here that he realized that his love of performing outshined his other interests.

Now collaborating with producer Luke Villemur in the bustling music hub of Los Angeles, Marcus is meticulously crafting his sonic vision. Their creative synergy has resulted in the creation of pop treasures like “S.E.L.” and “Mona Lisa,” marking Marcus’s debut releases that illuminate his arrival onto the musical stage. With a blend of talent, passion, and a unique voice, Marcus Mackey’s story is one to follow as he paints his artistry onto the canvas of the industry.